Weight Loss

Lose weight the natural way with hypnosis and personal coaching

Most people find weight loss a challenge because of the emotional anguish it causes while they have been told to limit the type of food and the amounts they eat.

This is not the approach to weight loss that we take.

We take a very different approach from the dieting plan which tends to emphasize rules and struggle and sacrifice. Maybe that’s why so few people lose weight through traditional dieting methods, and why the majority that do put it back on again (plus some extra).

How hypnotherapy and personal coaching helps you with losing weight

A skilled and caring hypnotherapist/ personal coach helps you build your weight goals into your overall health and lifestyle goals so that it becomes something you gain and not something you lose.

Transforming your weight loss worries into positive health goals is part of the process of removing unconscious blocks to success. The real power of hypnotherapy is in helping you past the blocks that lie in your unconscious mind: the critical inner voice, the bad habits, the emotional reasons for over eating, your negative relationship with food and exercise. Personal coaching is a big part of the jigsaw where we help you set goals, positive beliefs and resources for moving you toward your goal.

We offer a much more natural approach to the whole subject of health and lifestyle. You can learn to lose weight in a way that will make you feel really great and, at the same time, in control. Weight loss when combined with your overall life goals is very achievable!

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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