Public Speaking Confidence

How hypnotherapy can help you become a competent and confident public speaker

Learning to relax in public, to speak clearly and confidently and to really bring out your own personal strengths in your presentations is something many people wish they could do.

Perhaps you are looking to give better work presentations and to improve your career prospects or maybe you are preparing to give that all important wedding speech? Whatever your public speaking goals and challenges, hypnotherapy will help you to get there.

So many of the reasons we become nervous and stumble when presenting in public are unconscious. In other words, they are emotional ‘below the surface’ reasons.

Stumbling on words, sweating, panicking and feeling anxious or confused are all based on unconscious fears or beliefs. So trying to fix these problems by being logical and saying to yourself something like, ‘I’ll just breathe more deeply and focus and everything will be fine’, just doesn’t seem to work.

The other thing that doesn’t work is being hard on yourself; ‘I’m so stupid’, ‘What’s up with me?’, ‘Just get up there and make the damn speech’.¬† Sound familiar?

Public speaking courses and lessons

There is no doubt that organised courses and public speaking groups where you can practice and improve in a friendly environment can be very helpful.

Ultimately though, to achieve a powerful change in yourself, hypnosis is one of the very best tools there is.

The best way to improve your public speaking is to learn how to be yourself and bring out your own individual strengths in your presentations. Trying to copy someone else whose style is fundamentally different to yours can make things even worse.

If you have a goal to be a better public speaker, and perhaps to boost your confidence and success in other areas too, please get in touch. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool to help.

Public Speaking Confidence

You can become a much more confident and competent public speaker

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